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Eiger Ultra Trail Quartz Club

In his book 'The White Spider', Heinrich Harrer, one of the four climbers who made the first ascent of the Eiger north face in 1938, described the ‘Quarzriss’ - or Quartz crack – on the Eiger’s north face, as a challenging and notorious section of grade V climbing. The section of climb is found in the upper part of the wall after the well-known ‘Weisse Spinne’ and runs diagonally left along a shimmering, white quartz crack which leads up to the ‘Exit cracks’ and the summit icefield beyond. There are many different varieties of quartz, several of which are semi-precious gemstones, and it is rare to find it in limestone formations. One could say that its rarity and the degree of climbing difficulty make it the trophy at the summit!

In July 2017, we were able to celebrate our fifth anniversary. Several thousand runners from over 75 different nations travelled to the UNESCO World Heritage site Jungfrau-Aletsch to meet the challenge of the Eiger Ultra Trail. Also in 2017, we launched the ‘Quartz Club’, the purpose of which is to promote trail running in the Jungfrau region and to further develop the social and familiar exchange between runners and event organizers. To become a member, you have to collect 500km by registering and finishing any of the four trail distances on offer. At the prize giving ceremony on Sunday, we are looking forward to presenting warm congratulations and a Quartz Club welcome gift to those of you who will have successfully attained 500km.

The Quartz Club members will benefit from a variety of special offers:

  • trail activities and social events during the year (for example trail workshops, external speakers etc.)
  • guaranteed starting place
  • exclusively designed starting number
  • on lifetime fixed starting number
  • Eiger Ultra Trail Quartz Club Polo Shirt
  • Insigt in the background of Eiger Ultra Trail
  • Specials with the partner of Eiger Ultra Trail
  • 15 % discount at the Trail Running Shop Backdoor

  • The Quartz Club is a statutory subgroup of us, the Verein Running Grindelwald (Grindelwald Running Club). Membership does not hold any obligation. The essence of the club is to promote mutual exchanges and the enjoyment of trail running. The activities are funded by an annual membership discretionary fee of CHF 10.00 by the second year. Membership is of course voluntary.

    Eiger Ultra Trail Quartz Club is presented and supported by Jungfraubahnen Holding AG. The founding members are by 2017 runners with 500km and the members of the Verein Running Grindelwald.

    Members with 500km in 2017:


    Members with 500km or more in 2018:


    Members with 500km or more in 2019:


    Members with 500km or more in 2021:


    Members with 500km or more in 2022:


    Members with 500km or more in 2023: