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The Eiger Ultra Trail Team

"The vast panoramic views along the routes are so impressive that you get carried away just looking at them". We are united in our opinion that such amazing scenery deserves to be showcased in an Ultra Trail. "The 360 degree view from the Faulhorn at 2680m, the stunning glimpse into the Lauterbrunnen valley and the final strides along the base of the Eiger North Face will set new precedents on the trail running scene!"

Organising the Eiger Ultra Trail event needs a good portion of dynamics, a shared passion, team members with distinct strengths and a great deal of support and generosity from the local region. The Grindelwald Running Association serves as the organising committee for the event and thanks to the voluntary work of the core team and a wealth of volunteers, they are able to bring to life the Eiger Ultra Trail year after year.