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Näak is a pioneer in the development of performance nutrition and hydration for trail and ultra-distance runners. Developed to meet the specific needs of ultra-distance athletes, Näak Ultra Energy™ products were created with the insights of elite runners such as Mathieu Blanchard and Marianne Hogan, who came second in the male and female UTMB race in 2022. Näak was created in 2016 by passionate athletes Minh-Anh Pham and William Walcker, who understood that nutrition was key to perform. The pair also shared a deep passion for environmental issues, and so created a solution using sustainable proteins to fuel their sport.

Näak CEO William Walcker said: “UTMB is the ultimate trail running adventure. From local events to the prestigious UTMB World Series Finals in Chamonix, running hours upon hours on our feet requires us to fuel properly. Athletes know that nutrition is key to perform and over the years, Näak has developed an expertise in sports nutrition for ultra-distance athletes. Our nutrition products will help thousands of determined athletes achieve their dream of completing the UTMB World Series races - whatever the conditions.”


Näak's tagline, ‘Fuel your ultra, preserve your playground’ perfectly embodies the brands approach to nutrition. From choosing sustainable protein and responsible sourcing, to the companies B Corp Certification, Näak always acts with the preservation of the mountain playgrounds in mind, creating a positive impact for generations to come. All products are made with sustainable proteins and non-GMOs ingredients.

UTMB World Series events take place in the most beautiful places on the planet and aim to preserve our playgrounds to allow trail runners and the wider community to enjoy the mountains. Respect for the environment and people is one of the founding principles of UTMB World Series, and together Näak and UTMB World Series aim to offer a more sustainable sports nutrition experience to runners of all abilities who will take part in UTMB World Series events across Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa and the Americas in 2023.